Nurturing A2 milk excellence, serving purity

We craft excellence, offering the pure essence of creamy, nutrient-rich buffalo milk – we guarantee unadulterated goodness delivered straight from our farm to your table. It’s what you deserve.

Our promise
  • A micro-dairy typically nurtures a small herd – at Milk Blitz, we have only 75-100 buffaloes. This allows us to provide hands-on care and attention to each animal – health management, hygiene, natural feed, and the buffaloes’ overall well-being. It keeps the focus on providing superior quality milk.
  • A micro-dairy is the closest we can come to nurturing the human-animal relationship – it’s what sets us apart. In contrast, on industrial farms, animals are regarded as milk-producers, rather than creatures to be nurtured with care.
75-100 buffaloes

75-100 buffaloes

Human - animal relationship

Human - animal relationship

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