Our Promise

The promise of quality A2 milk

All the A2 milk at our micro-dairy can be traced to a single origin: the pure-bred Murrah buffaloes reared on our farm.

Nurtured in nature

Nurtured in nature

At the Milk Blitz farm, our buffaloes are reared in the lap of nature to produce premium A2 milk.

Premium quality A2 milk
From India's first micro-dairy

Premium Quality A2 milk

A micro-dairy promising guilt-free milk with stress-free buffaloes

Milk Blitz is a micro-dairy that produces the finest single origin A2 buffalo milk – pure, creamy, nutrient-rich, and unadulterated. Our premium offering is sourced from one farm, and one breed of buffalo.

Our process



Milk collection

Milk collection

Milk testing

Milk testing

B2B milk supply

B2B milk supply


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stress free buffaloes buffalo
10 liters Jar
*Approximate output


milking machines used



breed of buffalo



milk-producing buffaloes

5-25 kilometres


kilometres away from sales point

Our founding team

Malay Saurabh

Malay Saurabh

Co-founder & Director - Operations

Shailesh Bisht

Shailesh Bisht

Co-founder & Director - Finance

Waseem Ali

Waseem Ali

Co-founder & Farm Manager

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Milk Blitz farm tour

Farm Tour


A space where dairy officers can meet customers.


Quality testing area

The milk produced by each buffalo is tested for quantity (morning & evening) and quality (fat content) to ensure uniformity.


Rest house

An area where the staff who care for the buffaloes can rest between shifts.


Vet clinic

An area where the buffaloes undergo health checks and are given medical treatment when necessary. There’s always a vet on call.


Rest area

A spotless, roofed area where our buffaloes rest – in four rows of 25 each. Each buffalo is provided a rubber mat to protect its udder from injury or infection because in a resting position, the udder is in direct contact with the floor.


Milk parlour

This is where we milk our buffaloes. They are milked exclusively by hand. Also, we milk them only after their calves feed, ensuring that the process is completely humane and ethical.


Pond area

Murrah buffaloes are water buffaloes and they relish their time in shallow water. We have created a pond, where they get their rest and recreation–swimming, bathing, sunbathing, playing with their calves and mingling with each other. Often, they can be found lounging in the pond, engaging in some serious farmyard contemplation! Keeping them happy is our highest priority.


Grazing field

Our animals are free-range and graze freely in a field adjoining the rest area. We do not use hormones or antibiotics to enhance their growth, ensuring our milk is 100% natural and organic.


Farm for growing feed

This is where our cattle feed is organically grown under strict supervision. We steer clear of using chemical fertilisers in the soil or pesticides on the feedstock.


Milk pick up zone

This is the area from where the fresh milk is picked up in vans for delivery withina 5 to 25 km radius.


Organic septic tank

Organic septic tank is designed for recycling wastewater and enabling the biogas production process.


Milk van parking area

This is the designated parking area for the milk vans while the fresh milk gets loaded for distribution


Electricity room

This area houses our solar powered generator set and the controls for the farm's electric supply.


Storage area

This area is designated for storing cattle feed, fodder, etc.


Eucalyptus plantation

The perimeter of the farm is lined with eucalyptus trees, nurturing a sustainable environment while creating parallel employment through agroforestry.

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