Rearing the A1 breed, for A2 milk

Say hello to the star of the Milk Blitz farm – the Murrah buffalo – the world’s best dairy buffalo breed. We don’t see our buffaloes as milk producers, they are family.

We treat them with love and respect, for it is they who made our dream possible. Let’s discover a bit about these incredible animals.

Who the Murrah buffalo Who the Murrah buffalo
All our buffaloes have insurance and are ear-tagged.

Who is the Murrah buffalo?

It is the crown jewel among India's 16 buffalo breeds. Prized for its exceptional A2 milk yields and superior quality milk, it is nicknamed 'black gold'.

Why is the Murrah buffalo so highly prized?

  • Each buffalo produces an average of 10 to 16 litres of milk per day
  • The fat content in its milk is 7-9%, double that of cow’s milk
  • The Murrah buffalo is very resilient and can adapt to a range of climatic conditions
  • It is also low-maintenance, hardy and disease-resistant
7-9% fat content

fat content

10-16 litres milk per day

10-16 litres milk per day

single origin milk

Why is our milk the finest single origin A2 milk?

All the milk at our micro-dairy can be traced to a single origin – to our Milk Blitz farm and to our pure-bred Murrah buffaloes. We do not crossbreed our buffaloes. All our animals have been mated with a single bull, ensuring the absolute purity of our milk.

Why is Murrah buffalo milk a superfood?

This flavourful milk contains a wonderful balance of nutrients. Its high fat content is an energy booster, and it is rich in a range of vitamins. Murrah buffalo milk also contains high concentrations of calcium, which is essential for bone health. It is also high on protein, containing all the essential amino acids in exactly the proportions that the body needs. It is truly a superfood.

Its unique composition makes Murrah buffalo milk excellent for producing dairy products such as butter, ghee, milk powder, mozzarella cheese, khoa, curd, yogurt, and dairy whiteners.

How does Murrah buffalo milk compare with cow milk?

Murrah buffalo milk is composed of water, fat, lactose, proteins, vitamins and minerals, in the following proportions. It's fat content is almost double that of cow’s milk; it also scores higher on other nutrients.





Solids Not Fat

Solids Not Fat

















Source: Researchgate
*In percentage

How much milk does a Murrah buffalo yield?

Each animal yields 1,500 to 2,500 kg per lactation. Each lactation lasts 270 to 305 days, longer than other buffalo breeds.

Powering 45% of India's buffalo milk production

  • In India, buffaloes comprise 35% of the total cattle population and account for around 53% of milk production in the country
  • The Murrah buffalo accounts for 45% of the total buffalo population in the country

The Murrah buffalo as a globe-trotter

Originally native to Haryana and the surrounding states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in India, the Murrah breed is found across the country. It has also spread to other parts of Asia, Europe and South America. Due to its high milk yield, the Murrah buffalo is often cross-bred with local breeds.

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