Promoting humane milking, extracting happy A2 milk

At our micro-dairy, we're all about giving our buffaloes the best care and fostering a strong human-animal bond.

So, when it comes to milking, we let the calves take the lead, allowing them to feed first. We then gather the left-over milk from each buffalo, respecting their natural nurturing instincts. Our buffaloes are free range because we believe in giving them space and freedom.

We're committed to keeping things natural, which means we steer clear of using hormones and antibiotics to artificially increase their milk production.

Their diet consists solely of organic feed, grown on our farm, guaranteeing that the milk we produce is super healthy. At Milk Blitz, we take a unique approach: we do not refrigerate our freshly produced milk, ensuring that none of its nutrients are lost. We deliver only within a 25-km radius, allowing us to swiftly transport our milk without the need for refrigeration.

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