Fostering a bond of love, with A2 milk

The micro-dairy concept ensures that we rear only 75-100 'stress-free' buffaloes, to provide the feel of a small farm, not an industrial milking project that is harmful to the animals.

One of the many practices that sets us apart is our respect for the warm interplay between human and animal, which influences the way we treat our buffaloes and ultimately the quality of the milk they produce.

This symbiotic human-animal relationship goes back thousands of years, to when cattle was first domesticated. Dairy farming, especially large-scale dairy farming, has disrupted this symbiotic relationship in favour of a factory model of mechanized milk extraction. This process uses vacuum pumps attached to the buffalos’ teats, from where it is piped and collected without any human intervention.

This mechanised process often damages the animals’ teats and causes them to react with fear. This leads to the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which, in turn, lowers milk production and compromises the quality of the milk produced.

At Milk Blitz, we believe farm animals should not be viewed as mere milk-producing machines. Rather, we prioritise the human-animal relationship, deeply respecting the well-being of our buffaloes. It’s why we allow the calves to feed first, ensuring they receive their share of milk before we extract what remains.

It’s also why we follow the age-old Indian tradition of using human hands to milk our buffaloes. To perform this critical function, we employ members of the Gowala community of professional milkers. Their exceptional craftsmanship and expertise make sure our buffaloes are milked exactly the right way, and helps to revive a community that is fast disappearing.

Happy buffaloes produce happy A2 milk, it’s our secret ingredient!

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