Thriving rural micro-dairy, serving premium A2 milk

Welcome to our micro-dairy, which buzzes with the rhythm of rural life. It’s the simple joys of farm life that we'd love to share with you.

A visit to our farm offers a glimpse into the magical moments that make our micro-dairy special. We’ll introduce you to the most important members of the Milk Blitz family – our buffaloes – and we’ll show you what it takes to run a boutique dairy like ours.

Arrive early and accompany our team as they kick off the day, making sure our buffaloes wake up to a caring and comfy environment.

Step into our milk parlour when it’s time to milk the buffaloes. This is a well-choreographed routine. Our skilled team handles it all, making sure the animals are relaxed and content. It's all about getting that top-notch milk, and it starts with happy animals.

Stay long enough and you can observe us tending to the animals. We’ll also amaze you with some incredible facts about our buffaloes and the dairy industry as we give you this exclusive tour. Did you know, for instance, that the Murrah buffalo is the top dairy buffalo breed in the world?

We're big on sustainability. It’s more than a buzzword here; it's our way of life. We’ll tell you about our environment-conscious farming practices, starting with how and why we grow our own animal feed.

Our farms are surrounded by eucalyptus trees, creating shade for the animals while increasing livelihoods and nurturing the environment. Even the fish in the pond create a symbiotic relationship with the cattle-helping to keep the pond clean and adding to the sustainable ecosystem of the micro dairy. Sustainability is our promise to Mother Nature.

But we're more than just a dairy farm. Learn about how we are reviving the Gowalas, a vanishing community of professional milkers. It’s our way of giving back to society for what we have so generously received.

Whether you're here to learn a bit about sustainable farming, catch a behind-the-scenes look at dairy farming, or just soak up some happy farm vibes, join us for an authentic farm experience. Come, explore, and let's make some farm memories together!

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